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Blockout Blinds Melbourne

Blockout Blinds In Melbourne

Window Dressings That Are Practical, Stylish and Functional

Our blockout roller blinds are popular and practical window treatments. The simple and elegant blockout blinds are compatible with most contemporary architectural styles. They are aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic in appearance and give any room a stylish finish. As a leading supplier of blockout blinds in Melbourne, we assure you of a comprehensive range of blinds that suit your needs and fit your budget. These blinds offer the best sun protection and optimal privacy. Our blockout blinds in Melbourne are great for those wanting to blockout sunlight, increase privacy, and create complete darkness in areas including the living room, bedroom, studies, lounge rooms, media room, kitchen, bathroom and other commercial or office spaces. They offer superior performance for filtering out light and as a privacy screen. Using our blockout blinds in Melbourne, you can easily black out a room during the day for computer use or sleep, get privacy and also heat insulation at night.
Our blockout blinds in Melbourne are custom-made and available in an array of fabrics and colours. You can choose among minimal smooth finishes or textured woven designs. These stylish blinds are an excellent way to add colour and pattern to any room’s interiors. Our collection of blockout blinds in Melbourne features a wide range of textures and colours, from neutral tones to the brightest hues, making them the perfect window accessory.

Features of Our Blockout Blinds

Our range of blockout blinds in Melbourne comes with various features and functionality. They are lightweight, durable, sturdy, easy to operate and clean. The various features of our high-quality blockout blinds in Melbourne are as follows:

Light Control

Our blinds are excellent at blocking light from outside. With these blinds, you can have complete control over the level of brightness in your rooms. These are especially useful for those who want to sleep during the day, prevent the sun from glaring on their T.V. screens, create maximum darkness at night in their bedrooms, or want appropriate shading around the clock.

Commercial Use

Our range of blockout blinds in Melbourne is also very useful in workplaces to create the perfect environment for presentations, reducing screen glare and maintaining ambient temperatures. Moreover, our blinds are ideal for offices and shared areas that need maximum light control to maintain privacy, security and functionality.

Quality Blinds That Last Longer

All our blockout blinds in Melbourne come with a warranty. We will put it right for you in the unlikely event of quality-related problems. We offer a warranty on all blinds' materials, mechanisms and components so you can have peace of mind for years to come.

Temperature Control

The design of our blockout blinds in Melbourne provides extra thermal regulation in your property. These blinds block the harsh summer sun from entering your house and trap warmth during winter. These blinds also protect you and your home from UV damage. With our blinds range, you can easily create an ambient room temperature.

Privacy Control

Our blockout blinds are perfect for stopping preying eyes and maintaining privacy. Our blinds offer ultimate privacy and ensure there are no backlit silhouettes in your windows at night. Our range of blockout blinds in Melbourne will seal your home way, allowing you and your family to enjoy all their intimate moments in peace.

Standard Compliance

Our entire range of blockout blinds in Melbourne meets the strict Australian guidelines for blockout; hence you can rest assured of their quality.

Custom-Made Blockout Blinds at Incredible Prices

We offer high-quality custom-made blockout blinds in Melbourne that fit your style and meet your needs at highly affordable prices. You can select from various colours, fabrics, designs and textures. All our blinds come with chains; however, all blinds can be replaced with a motor for easy automation. Divine Interior’s consultants will also advise you on the “roll” of the blind that is front or back, specify the most appropriate fabric type for each space and help you customise a look that fits your window and adds to the style and decor of your room.

Book a Consultation

If you would like to have more information on our blockout blinds range, you can get in touch with our consultants. You can also book an appointment to arrange for our consultant to visit your home and show you samples and our range of blockout blinds.